About Us

Who we are

The Secret Alumni Yellowjacket Society is a group of like-minded Fredonia -Yellowjacket alumni. Our goal is simple!  Help educators and counselors help students reach their full potential.

Why a secret society?

Doesn't everyone want to belong to a secret society?  We choose to keep the members identity secret, because our goal is helping kids and keeping the focus on the kids and educators.

Some of the projects that the society chooses to endorse or assist with, may help one or many students, and we want to make sure that we respect their privacy as well.  Therefore, some projects will never be listed on the website or be known to the public/teachers or students.

We ask that any current/former members adhere to the policy and keep any members identities confidential. There are some members of the society that have chosen to remain completely anonymous and only the society administrator has access to the membership list.  If you would like to help the society, but wish to remain anonymous, we will honor your wishes!

How do I become a member?

MEMBERSHIP IS CLOSED for the 2017 semester, sort of :)  Keep checking back as we will have a 2 day period that we will be accepting applications!!!!  We have a limited number of membership seats open!  To apply, please go to the contact us page and supply us with the requested information.  Please allow 2 business days for our membership coordinator to respond.

Want to help now?? There are plenty of opportunities.  Go to the 2017-2018 Project page!  If you can help, great!!!  Just let the administrator know what you can help with!  

Just go to the home page, click the contact us button and send us an email.

The Administrator will contact you, anonymously of course.