Application Process

How to apply to become a member

SAYS accepts a limited number of application a year for review and approval.  We screen applicants carefully, mainly because our goal is so important.  Our goals have nothing to do with us personally and our focus is 100% on the teachers and kids. We are a new organization that is working very hard to be sustainable and lasting, therefore our members are very motivated and action-oriented in achieving the goals that we set. If you are not selected as a member this year, we will keep your application on file and may contact you at a later date to determine your interest.  This should not prevent you from helping, as we will post work in progress projects on the website and how to contribute.

What happens after I submit the application?

The SAYS membership coordinator will contact you within 2-3 business days.  Most likely the call will come from an out-of-state phone number and we will leave a message to contact us if we receive your voice mail. The coordinator will explain the process, mission and goals of the Society and the expectation of our members.

SAYS membership dues are currently set at $35.00/year/member.  This fee is used to sponsor the Annual Christmas Pageant.  SAYS is proud to be the sponsor of this event, as many of our members were once a part of this tradition or remember it fondly.

How long will it take to get approved as a Member?

The membership coordinator will communicate with the SAYS board regarding all potential members and make recommendations on approval. The SAYS board is very committed to making sure that we bring in members that are willing to participate and be active in the group with the understanding that we keep our operations/projects and membership private.  We will try and process the applications as quickly as possible and let you know the outcome within a week, but please be patient with us.  All of the board members have very busy careers that demand much of our time. 

How do I know if I am a good fit for the Society?

The Society is made up of a variety of people. Some retired, teachers, doctors, lawyers, factory workers, business men and women.  We are a varied group of individuals committed to helping teachers and kids.  Our members want their privacy and we expect members to honor that and not discuss membership with anyone.  A subset of our members, are only known to 1-2 board members, so privacy is key.  If you want personal recognition for your contributions, then the Society is probably not the right place for you. We do not publicly announce what our members contributed and only post the member's # when thanking them for the contribution, on our private Facebook page and the Community page.

How will I find out about the projects?

Because our members are located all over the country and some travel a good deal nationally and internationally, we choose to use our Facebook page to communicate as well as Private Messaging.  We will also post some of our projects on this website.  Some projects can only be discussed via our Facebook page, due to the nature of who we are assisting.  This is why the confidentiality and secrecy is so important.

How to apply

Completing the form...

Please provide in the form below the following information:

First & Last Name

Email Address

In the "Message" box, please list your home address, phone number , year(s) attending Fredonia 484 school system and a short narrative about why you wish to join the Society.  

Please include any special talents and how you plan to contribute to the Society.

The SAYS membership coordinator will contact you within 2-3 business day!

Thank you....

We want to take the opportunity to thank you for your interest in the Society and we look forward to getting to know you.  

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