Up front...

Some of the projects the society chooses to endorse will be made public on this website and other projects will remain confidential and only known to the society members and a few USD 484 employees.

Why the confidentiality?

Some of our projects may help one or many students and we want to make sure that we protect their privacy. If they choose to let others know that the society contributed to their success, it is their choice.  Our main goal is to help make sure students and teachers get everything that they need to succeed. For this reason, some projects will only be known to the society members.


The society members have incredible memories of Fredonia. We grew up in a school system that focused on kids!  We want to continue that tradition and we want to openly support many of the important initiatives and activities of the USD 484. 


Special Olympics Funds: NEED MET!!

UPDATE:  GOAL HAS BEEN MET!!  THANK YOU to the members that assisted!!     $504.00 Raised!  Thank you members!!

Money to purchase shirts and about $150 to take the kids to lunch at the event.  Three events left: basketball on February 22nd, track in  Cherryvale in April and track in Erie in May.  It adds up, but many of  our athletes really look forward to participating and going out to  lunch.(Many do not get the opportunity very often.)   

Classroom needs- NEED MET!!! THANK YOU!!!!

NO LONGER NEEDED:  THANK YOU to the person who donated!!!! Heavy Duty pencil sharpener! Amazon: X-ACTO High Volume Commerical Electric Pencil Sharpener, Model 41, Beige. $99.89.  These are specific due to the high usage and some students trying to sharpen, non-compliant pencils (plastic coated) in the devices.  If you can help, please use the contact us button and the administrator will connect you with the Elementary School Representative.

Elementary School Needs

This project closed on April 28, 2017!  Approximately $3200.00 worth of classroom materials/teaching aids and other requested items were donated by the society members!   Although the project is closed, if anyone in the community wants to make a donation, you can view the Version 18 list on the website.  Please use the contact us button to let us know what you will be donating!  Many thanks to all the society members who assisted!