Christmas Pageant Fund

AN OFFICIAL SAYS sponsored event!

The Secret Alumni Yellowjacket Society has been asked to help with the cost associated with the production!  Our members are amazing and are excited to sponsor such an amazing Fredonia tradition!!

The Annual Christmas Pageant is free to anyone in the community that wants to attend and enjoy the production! It is a Fredonia tradition with many teachers and support staff working overtime to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time! What you may not know, is the logistics  and cost associated with the production!  Piano's that need tuning, bus drivers, costume cleaning and repair,  maintenance staff that set up the chairs and clean for the dress rehearsal the night before the production and the main production!

The dress rehearsal night is typically attended by the elderly population, which gives the parents and other community members a chance to enjoy the main production!

The cost of the production is approximately $2000.00!  

Want to help??

Use the "contact us" button on the main page to send a message to us.  We will instruct you on where to send money!

Want to tell us about a Pageant memory?

You can submit a story using the "contact us" button on the main page!  We will gladly post your memory on the Alumni page!

It would be great if...

We could donate an additional $500.00 to host a dessert, coffee and tea bar for the rehearsal attendees and give the kids a chance to socialize with some of the people that helped shape our lives!