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Bill Stephens Photography  www.billandleann.com


His story...

"Photography has been a part of my life since before high school.  My father was a commercial photographer and I got the bug from him.

I did the photography for both my high school and College yearbooks and student newspapers.  After college I worked for the Wichita Eagle-Beacon as a photographer.  After a brief stint living in Ohio I returned to Kansas and worked for the City of Topeka in the I.T. Department doing website design and network management. After retiring eight years ago I continued the commercial photography and do a lot of editorial work for Topeka Magazine, Kansas! Magazine, and Lawrence Magazine.  Portraiture and feature photography are my strong points and I enjoy the challenges of illustrating articles with photos taken from angles which most people have not experienced." Bill

How generous....

I found Bill through the Facebook page Kansas Photography 2.0.  I approached him with a text and explained what our society was trying to accomplish. I asked if I could use his beautiful photography on our website and explained that I could not pay him.  His response to me was incredible. I feel like I have a new friend. He explained that if it helped education, he was happy to help!  Immediately, he sent me samples to choose from and I hope that I captured his art and have done it justice!  Thank you Bill!