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Aboriginal Man

2017-2018 Featured artist- Sandra Kimzey-Wimbish

A little bit about Sandra.

 I have been doing art since early childhood, filling up the back side of my dad’s discarded cattle papers with all sorts of pencil sketches. My jr. high and high school years were magical under Howard Svaty’s encouragement and instruction in many different art mediums. Visual art has been something I have taken with me wherever I have lived and journeyed in life.  I often use art to express the beauty of people and places I have encountered, traveling and living in exotic destinations around the world. I love to capture the people, landscapes, animals and cultures of places that other people may have never visited—to invite you to celebrate the beauty and diversity of our world. I enjoy working in several mediums, including acrylic paint, pen & ink, colored pencil, graphite, textile dyes and tile mosaics. Several of my ink works and other pieces have been published in linguistic papers and other books.  I currently live in Raleigh, NC, where I create and exhibit art, roast coffee beans and do some consulting in minority languages in the field of linguistics.  I would be honored if you check out some of my work.  

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