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Clothes Closet

We are proud to sponsor this project! Our members and Superintendent have worked hard to ensure that students who need school supplies, hygiene products and clothes are able to gain access to the closet!  Expect to see some news on the GRAND OPENING of the room very soon, as the USD 484 staff are busy decorating and painting so the students will have a super cool closet.   Want to donate something now?  Please use the "contact us" button on the main page or you can contact us through the COMMUNITY SAYS Facebook page!


Many of our members remember participating in sports and know that the team building skills and communication skills they learned during sports have helped them excel in life!  SAYS is dedicated in trying to meet and accommodate requests from the athletic directors for students that may not be able to afford shoes/gear needed! We look forward to seeing the Jackets athletic season begin!!!  GO JACKETS!!

Library-NEED MET!

MEMBER #52 stepped forward and agreed to send a check to purchase ALL the books on the list for the library Pre-K kids!!!!   THIS NEED WAS MET IN LESS THAN 20 MINUTES AFTER posting on our members only page!!!

We will keep this project open in case future needs are identified!!   MEMBER 52.. YOU ROCKED IT!!

A message from the teacher/Librarian:  " Hello SAYS members! Fredonia is officially opening the Fredonia Early  Learning Center (FELC) at the beginning of the 2017-18 school year.  Kindergarten and PreK will be located in the middle school science  building now, with the possibility that the  Fredonia Child Care will move into most of the classrooms in the main  north hall of the old school itself. This new addition will allow  children an outstanding educational opportunity! The FELC will also have  its own library with many new beautiful books. Since PreK has never had  the opportunity to utilize the school library, I am really needing to  beef up the collection of board books and simple paperbacks for these  kiddos who will need to learn how to read and care for books. I compiled  a list of books I would love to add to the library so our 4 year olds  begin building the reading skills they will need for the rest of their  lives." 

Teacher Needs

This project will continue this year with items identified by the teachers that there may not be funds available for!   We look forward to hearing about the items, what they will be used for and the list of needed items, shortly after school starts!!

Building Educational Curriculum

We have several projects in the works!!  The first is being developed by Ms. Shari Roberts!  Her vision for building a business learning module AND hopefully building a small "mock" business that the students are the owners of, is  simply amazing!! What is needed?  4-8 good quality cameras for students to use to capture sporting events, learn photo journalism, and film production/editing as well as learning fundamentals of business management, project management and customer service.   The documents describing the Curriculum and needed items for the projects can be found as attachments (see bottom of page).

The second project is in the development stage, but will deal with the biological sciences and learning modules.  Expect to see some T-shirts signed /autographed by leading U.S. scientists and Nobel Prize winners when this project takes off!!!  Fredonia will be the "test" site for the learning modules and the organizers/SAYS members are incredibly excited to move the project along!


Our members are excited to help out again this year with whatever this program needs! These kids are amazing, wonderful and so incredibly special that our members go out of their way to help!  Last year, we were asked to raise money to purchase T-Shirts and buy everyone's lunch during the out-of-town events! In 24 hours, our members responded and met the goal!  We are committed to helping this year as well!



This is definitely going to be the most challenging project SAYS will take on!  The board is trying to gather "requirements" information,  the equipment needed and how we can help.  

The goal

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